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"I bought this book and
immediately started with the
"Self Confidence" script. Well
after a couple of sessions, I
feel more confident in myself.
Now when someone needs my
help, I say "No", Even at work. I
don't let people walk over me."
-P. Amezuca

"Make more money--I keep a
journal of how money I make
every night...the first time I
used this script I easily made
about $1,000,..."
-Tiana, Las Vegas

"...with one week of use on
the 'End Fingernail Biting'
script, I was no longer a nail
- Robert, Lowrie, VA

"It really worked. I never
felt the urge to smoke,
withdrawal symptoms, and this
time i didn't even have to use
the nicotine patches. Im off
smoking for three months now."
- Sam, Australia

"I've seen a significant
decrease in anxiety and
increase in overall energy."
- Dave, San Francisco

"I have been using
Hypnotize Yourself As You
Read for weight loss and it
really works! I have lost 8
pounds in the first week and it
was amazingly effortless."
-Terese Gaugh,
Long Beach, CA
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* Attract and Manage Money?     * Stop Smoking, Once and For All?     * Quit the Lose Weight "Merry-Go-Round"?
* Improve Your Romantic Relationships?     * Achieve More Business Success?
* Put Your Positive Habits on Autopilot?

With My "As You Read" Self Hypnosis Method
These Goals Are Achievable!
Here's an effective, fast way to improve your habits - and
make them stick.

Imagine improving your habits in a pleasant, automatic way
with my "as you read" self hypnosis method.

The four reasons you might like my hypnosis method are:

  • No memorizing required
  • Remain aware during sessions
  • Takes only 15-20 minutes, not 45-60
  • It works
Are You New to Self Hypnosis?

If you are new to self hypnosis, I'll briefly explain what it is - and what it can do.

For instance, if you want to get leaner and lose body fat but believe it requires strong willpower if
you use your willpower alone. Using self hypnosis makes it so much easier - and it's much more
effective. Imagine the frustrations about reducing your bodyweight will be over. You will lose the
excess fat easier and faster than ever. All you would need is the right hypnosis suggestion script  
with some pleasant concentration. You will reach your weight loss goals!

Also, most of my site visitors report double the results with my method versus the you-have-to-
memorize-and-create-your-own self hypnosis methods.

Also, one user reported the "reinforced effectiveness" of listening to the mp3 while reading the
script "unlike anything he has experienced with self hypnosis before".  He certainly wasn't alone in
his praise. The feedback I've gotten from hundreds of satisfied customers has encouraged me to
grow my collection of script mp3s (with more to come:).

Here are some goals you can achieve:

  • how to quit the weight loss merry-go-round
  • making social anxiety a thing in your past
  • really succeeding at your career or job
  • stopping the nasty tobacco habit - once and for all
  • and many more self-improvement goals

How to Succeed with "As You Read" Self Hypnosis

Start as you read self hypnosis sessions by first making a contract with yourself to take action
now. Then you would put aside about 15 pleasant minutes per day for a few consecutive days to
reach the goal (first, be passionate and determined as you read the words in the hypnosis script).
Your subconscious mind will do the rest.

In fact, you'll reach your goals so much easier with this method. Imagine achieving goals
automatically, quickly and easily after only one to seven 15-minute sessions at home?

Next, you would start with the script or audio. Follow the easy (but not simplistic), safe and fun
induction to get into a light trance state. Then read the structured suggestion narrative. To finish
the session, follow the "wakeup" section to come to fully and safely return to alertness.

That will relax your conscious mind so that your subconscious can strengthen the new habits
(remember those new healthy eating and activity goals?).

You'll get results because this hypnosis method really works. Just check out a few of the
testimonials on the right. (More on file by request.)

Almost anyone can get results! It's simple, safe, fun and very effective.

Instant Self Hypnosis was published in 2004, I've had many people write to tell me how it
helped them lose body fat, quit smoking, increase self confidence - and that's just to start. Many
other goals have been reached by my readers/clients also.

Some Real-life Case Study Results

  • Ting-ting was a naturalized American-citizen from Taiwan who wanted to improve her
    job confidence. She had tried "everything from psychotherapy to seminars to scolding from
    her parents" to remove her fear of moving up the career ladder. After I got to know her
    personality, I made sure she knew where she was in that process. Then, we worked on
    diminishing her anxieties and improving her sense of self-worth about her career
    qualifications and potential with eyes-open hypnotherapy. The results were incredible for
    her. One year later she is a director of the human resources department of a large American
    airline company!

  • Kenny was 320 lbs. and suffered from all kinds of social, business and romantic
    problems because of it -- not to mention he had severe high-blood pressure and erectile
    dysfunction. The first week, he told me he lost 14 pounds! 18 months later, he is the picture
    of health. He had made eyes-open self hypnosis, healthy eating and fitness a consistent,
    important part of his life. That was 105 more over-fat pounds ago.

  • Brenda tried to quit smoking so many times that 15 years went by. She hated how it
    made her feel about herself. And her doctor and husband persuaded her to let go of the
    nasty habit once and for all. Her sister, who bought my MORE INSTANT SELF HYPNOSIS
    book, persuaded her to try it. Brenda's results surprised her. "I tried everything," she said. "I
    didn't want a cigarette for days after that first 15 minute session at home." Whenever she felt
    an urge to light up, she would take out the eyes-open self hypnosis quit smoking script and
    get a refresher session. After a few sessions, the urge to smoke simply faded away. "It was
    very de-stressing too," Brenda said. She's been smoke-free for six years now.

I've got many real testimonials on file just like those. As you read self hypnosis works!

Website Summary

Please explore these site areas for more information:

  • MISH MP3 Audio Downloads (based on my third book More Instant Self Hypnosis) -
    For those people who requested audio-versions of the scripts, there are 42. Included here: a
    30-second audio sample you can play right in your browser. The full mp3 versions can be
    downloaded for a nominal cost, and played on almost any device. Note: each script has the
    full induction added. For those times when reading isn't convenient, why not try my original,
    brain-entrainment direct-hypnosis style mp3 audio downloads? Or you can try my new MISH
    mp3s (mentioned above). Either can be enjoyed on your ipod, iphone, windows media
    player, etc. They are less than 15-20 minutes in length. I've kept the pretalk to just the
    salespages, instead of adding to the length of the audio. That way these mp3s are fast and
    still effective.

  • ISH Script Downloads (based on my first book Instant Self Hypnosis) - Going beyond
    the 35 scripts in the ISH book, these newer, original audio scripts improve your results. To
    start, you might want to go here to find 20 new ISH self hypnosis scripts! There will be new
    ISH scripts added on a regular basis. (Each script will include the new Master Induction 2.0.)

  • Articles - Many hypnosis and self hypnosis articles here are written for newbies as well as
    the advanced hypnosis enthusiast.

  • Hypnosis FAQ Basics - Whether it's about self hypnosis, distance phone therapeutic
    hypnosis or in-person client hypnotherapy, here are the most requested questions and
    answers from users.

  • Testimonials - Reader and client testimonials have different pages on this site. Just go to
    the testimonials boxes on these pages: Home, Books, Services.

  • Services - Descriptions of the different hypnotherapy services I offer to the public (by phone
    or in-person).

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